More Updates

Updates continue. The cellular phone code page, which was popular for years, was obsolete and has been removed. The Tropical Diseases page has been updated and dead links removed. The Privacy Policy has been updated.

It’s a shame that so many good things that were on the Internet years ago have disappeared. Maya Paradise is a bit unusual in that it’s been up for 22 years. Often, you can find things that have disappeared on the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive.  If you like what they do, please donate. I volunteer work on the Archiving Team. We recently archived all of Google Plus. It was a crash program and we managed to capture 1,800 terabytes of data (yes, you read that right), or 98 percent of all G+ accounts before Google shut it down.

I was recently on a project with a friend to restore an antique radio from the 1920s. A lot of information was posted on the net in the past but our research was hampered because most of it had disappeared. People host photos on photo hosting services that then go bankrupt and the material is gone. Nearly every link we ran into was dead. Since we’re both engineers, we sussed it all out from scratch and I wrote it up here: The Radiola 20 – A Restoration.   I hope it will be around for a while.

Progress is being made on Maya Paradise, little by little. Finally got the new site map finished and submitted to the Google search engine. It contains 1,900 pages.