Tropical Weather Now Updated

After upgrading the tide tables, the next important thing that needed review was the Caribbean Weather Page, here:

The page looks like it did before but the content has changed. New technologies are available today. The old GOES-EAST satellite was taken out of service and replaced with GOES-16, but is still called GOES-EAST. This satellite is a marvel of technology, delivering jaw-dropping imagery at 7000×7000 resolution in visible light and every IR band. Two of the most useful images are shown on the page, and a link is provided if you want to explore all the things that this satellite can do.

Excess info has been removed. Boaters in Rio Dulce don’t care what the temperature is in Caracas. I used to show ordinary weather forecasts for various cities in Guatemala, which was a leftover from when I did the radio nets. That’s been removed and replaced with the weather forecast for Fronteras.

Rather than cluttering the web page with more notes, I’ll write a legend for each item displayed on the weather page and some background in another blog post.


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